Make Easy Healthy Meal Planning a Weekly Habit

Gain incredible health benefits while saving time and energy in the kitchen, in food prep, and in your weekly shop.

Consistently Eating Healthy Meals Can Be Quick and Easy For You!

I’m Laura Licata, Holistic Nutritionist, and I invite you to join me to learn the simple and fundamental life skill of meal planning.

My mission is for you to be able to experience incredible vitality simply from eating nourishing meals. To help you do this, I’ve created a system that not only teaches you how to meal plan, but provides you with holistic nutrition lessons to ensure you’re planning in healthy meals.

15 Minute Dinners Challenge

Join for free and learn how easy it is to come up with unlimited combinations of super quick dinner ideas. Know what to cook for dinner tonight that’s nutritionally balanced and require absolutely NO RECIPES!

Simple Weekly Meal Planning Nutrition System & Course

Create a nutrition plan that works for your lifestyle. Learn how to generate hundreds of fresh meal ideas. Then learn how to plan those healthy meals into your daily life using my fool-proof step-by-step system. 

Printable WeekLY Meal Planner

Print out this weekly menu planner and have a handy place to store all of your meal ideas, and recipes. Fill out the weekly meal planning templates and tear out the grocery lists for convenient and quick shopping.